Why Peanut Butter? Why Me?

My fondness, near obsession, of peanut butter must have been a hereditary characteristic passed from my mother to me. I cannot remember an exact age or date which I fell in love with it but rather associate it as a staple food in my diet.

I was fed peanut butter as a child, ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches throughout middle school, snacked on Adam’s Crunchy religiously during high school, and survive on it while at Brown University.

While growing up in rural Montana my family ate peanut butter because it was the perfect simplistic food. Anything that had a long shelf life without refrigeration, required no preparation, and had as much protein as meat earned a winning spot in the pantry.

So I was raised to think of peanut butter as the perfect food, however I wanted to know for sure that the food I swore by was as glorious as I thought. I want to investigate all aspects of the products, from nut to jar, to ensure that peanut butter stood up to my own personal food standards.

I admit that  I was nervous my perfect food would reveal dirty secrets of unjustified environmental impacts, globalized industries full of corporation corruption, and big business monopolization. And I even expected that I would have to sever my love of peanut butter in order to standby my food ethics.

However after extensive research, interviewing, data hunting, hypothesizing and testing as many theories as I could peanut butter still holds a very high standard within my personal food ranking.

So explore away!


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