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The peanut butter industry has diversified a great deal since the days of John Kellog and George Washingotn Carver. Because of this it can often be hard to tell what is behind the making of your butter! Which companies are best? Which are more sustainable, worker friendly, local, healthy, high quality? It is difficult to tell when there are thousands to choose from.

I decided to undertaking of investigating such a diverse industry of peanut butter producers by choosing to focus on two brands.

My favorite brand, Adams Crunchy, and Once Again natural creamy peanut butter, which is the brand available in my local school cafeteria.

Although Adams is my choice brand, it is not available in Providence, and I have settled to eat  Once Again’s without many complaints.

These two companies do not represent the peanut butter industry as a whole however they do provide interesting insight into the varying methods of manufacturing.

Before starting my research I assumed that Adam’s, my choice brand, would be superior in terms of quality, cultivation, production, and impact on the environment, then the brand served to me in 9lb buckets.

My findings were not only surprising, but also very revealing of peanut butter manufacturing from plant to jar.

Visit my Company Profiles Page to get the full scoop!


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