From a Sustainability Standpoint

Peanut butter may be associated with huge corporations selling tan paste to families eating countless PB&Js, or it may make you think of the new “crunchy hippie” fad of people spreading the paste on all their vegan and vegetarian dishes in search of some protein. Either way peanut butter has earned quite a name for itself in regards to the envionrment.

Through my research I discovered that peanut butter is a very environmentally friendly food, and in comparison to other similar products it has a small impact on the planet, and a modest carbon footprint.

This may be in part credited to the simplicity of the product (nuts) or may be a result of more compacted historical and social reasons concerning its nutritional values and vital role in basic diets.

More recently peanut butter has become a mascot for promoting more ecologically friendly and low impact diets. Because of its high protein content it perfect replacement for high emission, meat based diets.

No matter the reasoning it in undeniable that the majority of this industry far outshines modern agriculture in Mother Nature’s eye.

Look at my Sustainable Peanut Butter Page for more information regarding this product’s impact on the planet!


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