10 Things You Can Do To Live a Happy Peanut Butter Life

If your not satisfied with the way that the peanut butter industry has been treating your peanut butter, take matters into your own hands!

Here are ten tips that I have devised throughout my research that can improve your relationship with peanut butter and the environment at the same time!

1) Do it yourself! Grinding your own peanut butter will reduce your carbon footprint, your environmental impacts, as well as your budget. It also ensures the quality of you food right down to the last bite! Learn How on my Recipes Page!

2) Go to your local health food store and grind you peanut butter there. This is a simple alternative to purchasing a food processors and still allows you to control what goes into your butter!

3) Choose SUPER local. If you can’t make it your self, you neighbor is the next best person. Buy your peanut butter from famers markets and have a conversation with the suppliers about where the nuts come from!

4) Research the retail brands available to you and find the closest supplier. This will make it easier to ensure the quality of you peanut butter. If you are feeling motivated, go and visit the head quarters to get an idea of what your peanut production looks like.

5) If you are from an area that does not have local nut farmers or producers, take the time to do background research on the larger manufactures and compare their companies. Look at quality, integrity and initiatives!

6) Eat your peanut butter like you eat your veggies! The fresher you peanut butter looks, the fresher it is. Avoid fake ageless looking brands of peanut butter, most likely they are more heavily manufactured and father from the actual product than you realize!

7) Less is more! Look at the ingredient of your peanut butters. Fortunately it is very easy to understand. The best brands have only one ingredient; peanuts! Other may have small amounts of salt add. Some may have added hydrogenated oil, and still more add sugar. The more ingredients the less healthy!

8) Treat your peanut butter like a nutrias food! Often the health benefits of peanut butter are lost to the ways in which it is consumed. Peanut butter and chocolate is a wonderful combination, though it does not retain nearly the same nutrition values as good ol’ carrots and PB. So treat peanut butter with health respect!

9) Peanut butter can be the key to a low carbon diet! by replacing your typical meat based lunch with a PB&J or a peanut butter based lunch you can cut your footprint tremendously while retaining all the protein you need for an active life style!

10) Enjoy it to the max! Don’t feel rested by the traditional recipes or the classical PB&J, peanut butter has become a hot commodity and can be found ing restaurants and cousins all across the world.. so try something new with you old habits!


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