Health Nut!

Is peanut butter healthy or not? Doubtless you have heard the argument both ways:


Peanut butter is a wonderful source of protein, health LDL monounsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals! It can help reduce sever diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, as well as make you live longer! It is a perfect substitute for other protein foods and will keep you full and energized all day, not to mention tastefully satisfied!


Peanut butter contains fat and can cause excess weight gain and fat storage. It can have serious side effects for those with peanut allergies. Peanut butter is prone to salmonella and is a serious risk to consumers.


Peanut butter is a healthy food, if consumed healthily! Although it does have a risk on salmonella contamination, it can easily be avoided by smart purchasing and food inspection. Peanut butter has been proven to improve health and quality of life especially in regards to illnesses such as cancer. Because the paste is packed full of vitamins and minerals this food is a great way to ensure a more complete nutritional diet. Speaking of diet, peanut butter has not been confirmed as a catalyst to weight gain, on the contrary it has been found to be an appetite suppressant and is often used in weight loss and management diets!

Form more information concerning the good, healthy, great, and even a little of the bad and ugly aspects of peanut butter health, check out my Peanut Butter Health Page!


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