Thinking Outside the Jar.

Peanut butter has spread across the globe, and it is starting to make an impact in some pretty interesting place. Look at my HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE page to find out more about peanut butter in different continents are places around the globe!

But thinking outside of the jar, does not just mean across boarders and trade lines, but literally how peanut butter is being used. Peanut butter is often used as an art ilstalation in the museum boijmans exhibits by van beuningen.

This particular exhibit used 2000 jars of peanut butter to create. Not very sustainable, but I bet is sure smelled good! Unfortunately a rather clueless museum goer walked over the peanut butter floor and damaged the installation..

What can you think to do with your peanut butter? Or where have you found it, or not found it around the world? Leave a comment!


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