I am a peanut butter lover to the core, and I wanted to make sure that my biggest fan deserved all the hype I was giving it. So I started an investigation of peanut butter. From the plant to the jar I researched every aspect of product and consumption that I could.

Now I am not only much more knowledgable about one of America’s famous foods, but I am a justified lover. The peanut butter industry was surprisingly sustainable, fair, healthy, and high quality. Though I stumbles upon scandals and negativities, in comparison with other similar processed foods, peanut butter stands up very well!

My story:

I was fed peanut butter as a child, ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches throughout middle school, snacked on Adam’s Crunchy religiously during high school, and survive on it while at Brown University.

While growing up in rural Montana my family ate peanut butter because it was the perfect simplistic food. Anything that had a long shelf life without refrigeration, required no preparation, and had as much protein as meat earned a winning spot in the pantry.

So cheers to the glorious paste!

So explore away!


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