Here. There. And Now Everywhere.

Where is peanut butter? It may have originated on the hillsides of Peru in 2500BC but peanut butter has spread across the globe. From super heated peanut butter  noodle sauce in China, to perfectly iced peanut butter Gelatto of Italy, the the PBJ in America, to the freeze dried peanut butter breakfasts of outer space this product is hard not to find…..or is it?

A recent New York Times article examined current standing of peanut butter as an ingredient. It claimed that peanut butter has recently broken out of its traditional shell and is entering a world of culinary options. The author recommends combinations such as grilled lentils with peanut butter sauce, and shrimp cooked with a peanut butter frying oil. This article is the perfect representation of how this simple commodity is quickly become global!


Peanuts have been historically used in all different types of noodle nut sauces originating from Asian countries such as China and Thailand. But there has been a recent increase in peanut butter based sauces! Due to the added simplicity of not needing to grind your beans or add oil, peanut butter is the perfect substitute for recipes like Chinese Lo Mein!


Possible the most famous use for peanut butter in this region of the world is Plumpy Nut. This is a highly nutritious combination of peanut butter, powdered milk, honey, and vitamins that is commonly given out as food aid in malnutrition or food-aid regions. Plumpy Nut is an incredible product; it provides vital nutrients, while having an extremely long shelf life and very low cost it has been the go-to for relief organizations across the continent.


Although Australia’s version of peanut butter, Vegemite, will always be more popular Aussies have taken a liking to the less sodium enriched spread. Satay Kangaroo is an up and coming dish of fancy restaurants throughout Australia. The recipes calls for chunky peanut butter to be mixed with garlic and other herbs while mixed in a kangaroo sort fry, and served sizzling hot!


Peanut Butter is far less popular in Europe then the United States. Yet nevertheless it is begin to find in niche. Although the peanut butter and jelly has been slow to catch on, kids snack with peanut butter are on the rise across Europe. In eloquent European style peanut butter has made a significant influence is the dessert market. There are countless chocolatarias across the continent that have taken to including peanut butter into their gourmet delicacies. That is not to mention peanut butter flavored gelato available throughout Italy!

South America:

Although the Incans and Aztecs are credited with the first invention of a peanut butter like paste, the commodity traveled out of the continent and has yet to return with much vigor. While I was living in Peru I was hard pressed to find any kind of peanut butter product. and when I did I better be ready to pay for it. The lack of peanut butter in South America can be attributed to a number of reasons from difference is taste likings to dietary necessities. South Americans have not taken to the product like the Northern neighbors.

North America:

PB&J forever. Enough Said. North America will always bee associated with the most simplistic, and arguable more enjoyable peanut butter concoction. But if you are feeling out going, you may want to try it toasted!


Here the bare necessities of peanut butter can be fully appreciated. As the first British woman to ski to the south pole ranted, “there were no booze, but I was treated with spoonfuls of peanut butter!” Peanut butter is after all a sustenance food, and what better place could you use 8 grams of protein a a few servings of fat in every spoonful. Not to mention the Antarctica Research Station served peanut butter ice cream!


Companies have started to develop peanut butter powder. Muchlike powdered milk this product is very versatile and needs only a dose of water to become edible. This product is suggested to be the perfect product for space missions and freeze dried food! Buzz Lightyear here we come!

Considering its humble beginning in the hill of the Andes, peanut butter has spread quite a long ways!


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