Resources and Further Information

This blog should act as a portal into a world of peanut butter knowledge. The following links can take you to specific data, facts, stories, and more!

Government Resources

“United States Standards for Grades of Peanut Butter” 

Plant Profile Arachis hypogaea L. peanut. USDA Department of Agriculture .


American Peanut Council 

National Peanut Board 

The Peanut Site 

The Peanut Institute 

Soya Tech 

Product Overviews

Adam’s Peanut Butter 

Once Again Nut Butter

Information about the product and the peanut!

General Facts Wikipedia 

Enotes Encyclopedia of the peanut

Blogs and Peanut Butter Campaigns 

Peanut Butter Lovers

The Peanut Butter Campaign 

A Well Fed World 

Relevant Literature 

New York Times- Peanut Butter

New York Times, Minimalist 

New York Time Salmonella Out Break 2009


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