Rhode Island Peanut Butter!

Although the majority of peanut growing occurs further South in the United States, there are some really amazing farmers and manufactures right here in Rhode Island. So if you are on the hunt for the local option, check out some of these companies!

The Virginia Spanish Peanut Co!

Is located in Providence Rhode Island. This company produce all types of nut butter, trail mixes, and dried fruits. There peanuts are all purchased from American farms and a roast fresh daily! This is a community oriented business and you can find their products in a number of local farmers markets such as Pawtucket, Tawtuxet, Providence Down Town, and Brown University!

The Peanut Farm Early Learning Center is Peanut Farm located in Foster Rhode Island that doubles as an educational day care. It focuses on teaching young kids farming practices and techniques! Really cool organization!

The 2012 Peanut Butter Drive. Although this is not a farm or a peanut butter manufacturer, it is an amazing local organization! The Washington Trust has an annual peanut butter drive across Rhode Island in order to collect jars of protein goodness and donate them to local shelters and orphanages! Since 2001 they have collected 94 Tons!


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